Wood pellets fired hot water boiler in America

Wood pellets fired hot water boiler are widely used for heating and industrial use. Some area like hotel, school, large and medium-sized enterprise and company, factory, apartment and so on use it for heating and shower.

Wood pellets fired boiler features

1. Fire have 3 pass, fire stay longer time in boiler tube, make full use of fuel, at the same time, reduce the fuel gas’s temperature.

2. Spirally fire tube, fuel gas goes through the boiler spirally, this will prolong the residence time of gas inside the drum

3. Arched Tube plate, reduce the temperature of front tube plate, it is safe when we use it.

4. Hot water boiler unique feature: As to the hot water boiler, DZL has a special technology back water, just our factory can do it, when the water pass the boiler to the bottom container, the pressure pull the water to flow quicker,with the help of inertia, the water flow wash the front boiler tube plate, so the temperature of front tube plate reduced, this product the boiler plate from cracking, and at the same time, increase the recycling of boiler water.

This type of Biomass boiler is low costs, and environmental fuel combustion, clean and gasification automatic operation, simple operation, quick heating, hot enough, no chimney, low failure rate.

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