Steam boiler for cloth factory in Bangladesh

Traditional cloth-making plant is a key heavy pollution as well as large energy consumption industry. Someone thinks that a boiler installed at a cloth mill might affects its efficiency, what’s more, a suitable and efficient steam boiler can up the cloth mill’s efficiency.

In Bangladesh, India, China and some other countries, the cloth-making factories are mainly small-sized. The production process of paper mill consumes much; energy cost takes up 10%- 14% of production cost; per unit of product has a higher coal consumption than power consumption. It has been proved that a cloth mill boiler is a main factor that constrains its economic benefits.

Therefore, to choose a suitable steam boiler is very important for your cloth plant. For small scale mill, chain grate boiler like biomass fired steam boiler is a good choice. Our biomass fired boiler can burn wood chips, sawdust, barks, the wood waste in the cloth-making process can be reused in the boiler. Natural gas fired boiler is also okay, we know a natural gas fired boiler usually is of high efficiency up to 96% to provide good quality steam for the mill.

But for a cloth factory that needs above 20 ton steam per hour, we recommend you to choose co-generation(CHP, combined heat and power) and abandon low efficiency small-size boiler. Through CHP boiler, superheat steam can realize gradient utilization, the steam for power is reused in production process.

We have a 110 ton CFB boiler in India cloth mill, it is believed the boiler is up to 15 percent more efficient than the facility’s previous boiler, according to the client’s feedback. By the way, if you need boiler for your cloth factory, please contact us, we can make up a suitable plan for you.

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