Introduction to QXX CFB hot water boiler

QXX series CFB hot water boiler is to reconstruct the fluidized bed flow regime by using the steady state design theory and CFB technology map, and make the CFB technology have a strong adaptability to coal types and low cost in handling the pollution. It is also a new generation low speed CFB boiler, this type boiler inherits the traditional technology advantages, at the same time, it makes big breakthrough in whirlpool fluidized combustion technology, vortex wind separation structure design and return feeding technology.

QXX CFB hot water boiler application

QXX CFB hot water boilers are mainly used in city, enterprise heating system.

QXX CFB hot water boiler specifications

Type: Hot water boiler
Hot Power: 14~90 MW
Steam Pressure:1.25~13.7Mpa
Feed/Return Water Temperature: 70-90°C/130-150°C

QXX CFB hot water boiler benefits

a. Power saving: the fan can save 30% or more power
b. Coal-saving: This kind of equipment can save 3 to 5% coal.
c. Low wear: heating surface has almost no worn-out and the annual operating hours can reach 8000 hours
d. The bell-type air cap is easy to replace and low resistance.
e. High flow rate, low power consumption, automatically adjusting the feeding-back machine
f. Low resistant and high efficient cyclone separator

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