Important terms of 30 ton coal fired boiler in America

30 ton DZL coal-fired boiler is composed of the body, chain grate, the former arch and the after arch, light furnace wall, steel frame and insulating layer etc. The boiler shall adopt sigle drum and vertical layout. The body comprises pot shell, smoke box, water wall tube, and lower header on both sides. The tube plate adopts all-welded structure. The chain grate adopts light thickening style. The electric control brings about the stepless speed regulating of grate; the air is sub-independently supplyed; the warning shall be given when its working parameter is out of the predesigned one. Our boilers are really new environmentally friendly products.

 30 ton coal fired boiler features

1. advanced technology and private intellectual property right

2. compact structure, light furnace wall, light weight and beautiful appearance

3. stable operation, easy adjustment, Powerful, high thermal efficiency

4. reasonable air distribution and flexible adjustment, it can be adjustable according to combustion conditions.

5. boiler itself has a dust removal function, reaching the demand of environmental protection

6. all-welded tube plate, no relaxation of the leakage.

7. thicken grate, higher intensity, long liftime of fire grate and long maintenance cycle period.

8. distinctive modular design, easy to promote and reform

9. the usage of elastic element refines the stress state

10. complete in specifications, reaching the need of different thermal environment

30 tons per hour of steam boiler is a high capacity steam boiler, SZS series 30 ton steam boilers are a kind of typical horizontal, double-drum, oil (gas)-fired, type “D”, water tube boiler. It is well known for its quality, durability and longer life. we’ll provide you the mahcine with the best quality and most favorable price.There are four types of 30 ton steam boiler: the gas fired steam boiler , oil fired steam boiler, biomass fired steam boiler and coal fired steam boiler. The steam boiler manufactured in ZG has such advantages: high efficiency, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

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