Gas fired hot water boiler in America

No one can predict the future, but the past is a good gauge of things to come. ZG Boiler nearly 70 years of superior engineering, safety and quality inspire peace of mind that our boilers will stand the test of time.

Main features to ensure quality you can trust:

Stainless steel heat exchanger: Our proprietary selfcleaning, down-fired stainless steel heat exchanger has industry-leading performance and durability.

OSS (one-side sealed) construction: This arrangement maintains integrity during heat exchanger expansion and contraction.

Factory-assembled low-loss header kit: Professionals will save time and money with our convenient factory-assembled low-loss leader kit that’s shipped with the model.

Integrated boiler pump:Our boiler pump eliminates the need to size the pump for the boiler loop and keeps a tight rein on energy usage.

A Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler is not only extremely efficient, but it’s the perfect choice for comfort, cleanliness, quietness, ease of control, health and safety. Besides heating your home, a gas boiler can also provide your domestic hot water as well. Many models don’t even require a chimney.

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