bagasse CFB steam boiler in India

CFB boiler for bagasse: its capacity ranges from 20t/h to 300t/h, steam pressure varies from middle pressure sub-high pressure to high pressure. Among them, middle pressure and middle temperature boiler,which capacity is 75t/h. ZG boiler supply Chain grate type bagasse boiler, bagasse fired CFB boiler, bagasse power plant boiler. Bagasse cfb boiler equipment is common in the sugar processing industry.

ZG CFB boiler(Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler) is the II-type arrangement of free-circulation single-cylinder water-tube boiler. Hearth is the membrane water-screen suspension enclosed structure. Water-cooled air chamber and water-cooled air distribution panel are used. Method of ignition: bed underneath. High-temperature insulation spiral-type cyclone cylinder is at the outlet of hearth, fitted with the support mechanism. Separation efficiency is extremely high (≥99%). Superheater, coal economizer and air pre-heater are in the standing well at the tail.

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