7.5 MW 10 ton biomass fired hot water boiler in Spanish

Biomass hot water boiler in Spanish

The biomass hot water boiler are very popular in Spanish. The biomass fired boiler not only supply hot water, but also can be used for producing desired steam for product manufacturing process in the weave factory, printing and dying, paper-making, and rubber, plastic chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. And for heating room, bath, air conditional, and daily life water in the factories, departments, hotels, schools, restaurants, services industries etc.

10 ton biomass hot water boiler Features:

1.cyclone burning room for wood pellet sufficient burning

2.water tube ensure easy maintenance and longer life span

3.double drum ensure fast circulating

4.compact design

ZG 7.5 MW biomass fired boiler for sale in Spanish are based on requirement of ASME and stand out with the features of reliable quality, low energy consumption, low costs of operation and management. Factories have a choice among many types of biomass boilers: cotton stalk fired boiler, rice husk biomass fired boiler, pellet-fired boiler, Brewery Spent Grain fired Boilers, Herbal Waste Fired Boilers, coal fired boiler, wood chips fired boiler,Bituminous coal fired boiler,chaff biomass fired boiler, Coconut shell fired boiler ,coffee grounds biomass fired boiler and other biomass fired boiler. Each system has their own benefits for different industrial processes and different area.

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