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New Type 65 ton CFB steam boiler which belongs to the Zhengzhou CFB boiler, Tsinghua university research, which is the latest scientific research achievements of Tsinghua University adapted. 65 ton CFB steam boiler in Philippines inherit the original technical advantages, at the same time, it achieved the scientific breakthrough in the technology of vortex fluidized combustion. Wind vortex separation structure and parameterized design of Philippines 65 ton CFB steam boiler, the separation vortex wind structure design and parametric design technology, returning technology, is the national patented product.

Main parameters of 65 ton CFB steam boiler in Philippines

Rated Steam Capacity: 65 t/h
Rated Steam Pressure: 3.82MPa
Rated Steam Temperature: 450℃
Feed water Temperature: 140℃
Designed Efficiency: The Designed efficiency no less than 86% refer to different coal type
Applicable Fuel: Anthracite, bituminous, coal and lignite coal, lean coal, coal gangue, mixed fuel of bituminous, coal and chain furnace slag

65 ton Philippines CFB steam boiler application

CFB steam boilers are widely applied in all kinds of industrial areas and has played a significant role in the manufacturing line. CFB steam boiler for textile industry, paper industry, chemical fertilizer, etc. 65 ton CFB steam boiler in Philippines also can be applied in paper mill, weave industry, chemical industry, food processing and so on.

Advantage of Philippines 65 ton CFB steam boiler

1. It adopts the membrane water wall to arrange the furnace, separator, revert system into one whole part, the structure is compact.
2. 65 ton CFB steam boiler in Philippines has achieved major technical breakthrough in structure and parameterization of separator, effectively improve the burning and separator efficiency.
3. Return feeding of revert system is constituted by 2 pieces of membrane water wall, parts of heat energy carried by flying ash can absorbed by water wall.
4. The anti-erosion design of Philippines 65 ton CFB steam boiler uses many measures, wide coal adaptability.
5. It adopts low temperature combustion technology, can effectively reduce the harmful gas, and realize the desulfuration inside of furnace, accord with national policy of energy saving and environmentally friendly.

65 ton CFB steam boiler for sale in Philippines

The 65 ton CFB steam boiler for sale has a history of 70 years. In Philippines, the 65 ton CFB steam boiler has been widely recognized by customers. The price of 65 ton CFB steam boiler is determined by rated steam capacity, rated steam pressure, rated steam temperature, feed water temperature, etc. ZG as a key CFB steam boiler manufacturer and supplier has obtained class A boiler manufacture license, the 65 ton CFB steam boiler in Philippines also obtained this certification. In a word, ZG will provide good service for 65 ton CFB steam boiler in Philippinesexporting.

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