3 ton oil gas fired steam boiler in Mackenzie

The 3 ton horizontal oil gas fired steam boiler can be used for producing desired hot water for product manufacturing process in the weave factory, printing and dying, paper-making, and rubber, plastic chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. And for heating room, bath, air conditional, and daily life water in the factories, departments, hotels, schools, restaurants, services industries etc.

3 ton oil gas fired steam boiler advantages

The result: maximum energy efficiency, excellent conservation of resources and outstanding availability. The intelligent control technology from ZG ensures convenient, fully-automatic 6 ton oil fired steam boiler operation. Our services have been used for many years by industrial boiler manufacturing organization to carry out on-site service and repairs.

Mackenzie 3 ton oil gas boiler working principle

3 ton oil fired steam boiler in Mackenzie is a traditional three-pass, wet-back horizontal fire tube boiler. The first pass flows through the furnace from front to back. The furnace is corrugated to maximize efficiency while also minimizing thermal stress. Flue gasses then travel from the combustion furnace to the front chamber forming the second pass. For the third pass gases flow through tubes to the back of the boiler stack and out the exhaust vent, located conveniently in the back of the boiler. The second and third passes travel through heavy-duty seamless tubes.

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