1MW straw pellet biomass fired boiler for power station in Italy

In order to estimate the suitability of 1MW straw pellets as fuel in small combustion units, the ZG Boiler Technological Institute accomplished a project including a number of combustion tests in the energy laboratory.

The project was mainly financed by the Development Programme for Renewable Energy under the Ministry of Energy. Manufacturers and distributors placed combustion units at our disposal for the tests.

The project was part of the effort to reduce the use of fuel oil. Outside areas supplied with community heating services, a larger dissemination of biofuels such as straw pellets will be welcomed.

Straw pellets are only produced and used to a small extent, so very little practical experience with straw pellet combustion in small boilers is available.

The aim of the project was primarily to test straw pellets in small combustion units, including

the following: –

Ash/slag conditions when burning straw pellets

Emission conditions

Other operational consequences

Necessary work performance when using straw pellets

The tests were divided into five series. Tests were carried out with five different straw pellets and wood pellets. Five combustion units were used during the test in Italy.

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