17 tph 65 bar gas fired boiler in Pakistan

Introduction of gas fired boiler in Pakistan

The whole boiler is inspected strictly, factory equipped, easy to insatll, debug and use. Front and rear smoke box are all can be opened, easd maintenace.Fully automatic operation, combustion ,water level, temperature and steam pressure are all automatically. The international first-class brand burner to ensure the boiler heat efficiency improve the overall quality of boiler. Adequate steam storage and heating surface, so ,make the boile produce a large thermal power and high quality steam. Furnace adopts wet back structure impoving the thermal efficiency and the service life of the boiler. All kinds of high quality boiler accessories to ensure the normal operation of the boiler.

17 tph 65 bar gas fired boiler features

1.It uses the most mature three-pass all wet back structure in the world.

2.The use of waveform furnace can not only enhance the heat transfer effect ,and also promote oil combustion in the furance.

3.Sweeping function can improve working conditions and extend its service life.

4.The unique design of the large burning chamber can increase the radition of hearth heating area and reduce the volume of the boiler and NOx emissions.

5.Smoke pipes box around boiler uses multi-level sealing approaches.

6.Horizontal structure has area ample heated and adequate heat transfer.

7.It is equipped with advanced touch scren controller.

8.A variety of alarm interlock devices to ensure efficient,safe,reliable operation of the boiler.

Combustion characteristics of gas fired boiler:

Burning high calorific value of gas will need a large amount of air, to make gas fully burning requires to mix with lots of air. There are no fuel atomization and gasification process in the gas combustion process. The way of mixing with air and gas has great influence on the strength of the combustion, flame length and flame temperature. According to different mixing mode, fuel gas combustion method can be divided into three types:

Diffusion combustion: the combustion method is not mixed in advance, gas and air will take a diffusion in the gas jet and burn. Its advantages are burn stability and burner structure simple, but the flame is to long and prone to incomplete combustion to make heating area carbide.

Take combustion premixed part air:The combustion mode is that mix some air with gas in advance before burning( an excess air coefficient between 0.2-0.8). The advantages are burning flame clear, burning reinforcement, high thermal efficiency. But the combustion is instable and higher requirement for primary air and burning ingredients. Gas burner generally use the combustion mode.

Flameless combustion:The combustion mode require air and gas mixing before burning. The once excess air coefficient is equal to the fuel combustion air surplus coefficient, it does not need to get oxygen from the surrounding air in the process of combustion. When the gas and air mixture reach the combustion zone, it can be burnt out in a flash.

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