1 ton 1350kg/h natural gas fired boiler in Mexico

This type 1 ton natural gas fired boiler have applied 10 new technology, lead the development direction of boiler. This series are warmly welcomed by all of our customers, and become the first choice products for its highly effective, favorable price energy saving, safety and environmental protection, becomes the customer the first choice product!

1.Spirally corrugated tubes

2.Aerofoil-shaped flue

3.Convex tube sheet

4.Dust separation space

5.Highest boiler efficiency

6.Advanced water circulation technology

Usage of gas fired boiler in Mexico

The steam boiler can be used for producing desired hot water for product manufacturing process in the weave factory, printing and dying, papermaking, and rubber, plastic chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. And for heating room, bath, air conditional, and daily life water in the factories, departments, hotels, schools, restaurants, services industries etc.

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