1 ton 1000KG oil gas fired steam boiler in Canada

1 ton oil fired boiler is widely applied in varies industries for varies effect such as for sterilization in Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Beverages & Distillery, and Food Processing, for drying in Automobiles, Paper & Pulp, Textiles, for Distillation in Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Refineries & Petrochemicals, for cooking in Hotels & Commercial Complexes, for driving in Power Generation,and for curing in Cement, AAC blocks. Beside 1 ton oil fired steam boiler, ZG also provide 1 ton oil fired steam boiler to 35 ton oil fired steam boiler in Egypt.

Characteristics of 1000KG ton oil fired boiler

When using ZG 1 ton oil fired boiler to convert fuel oil into heat, you can make an active contribution towards protecting the climate and the environment, thanks to the boiler’s unbeatably high efficiency of 98 %. A single 1000KG oil fired boiler supplier, ZG always provides both high quality and best oil fired boiler price.

Oil gas fired boiler supplier in Canada

A total production of more than 700 million industrial boiler units during the last 70 years, that makes ZG become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers in the domain of gas oil fired boiler.

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